Oktoberfest in Munich 2002!


Complete set of photos. Caution: Large Gallery!


Shortly after our arrival we had breakfast at Flughafen München.

Aaron exchanging greetings with Markus of the band SAXN'DI ----- Thursday afternoon sound check.

SAXN'DI band poster. ------------------------- Another wet chilly day.

The parade of the tent owners.------- Even the horses got dressed up for the ocassion.

Gotta love the local attire! ------------Mark and Massimo at the Haufbrau Tent.

Aaron learning Italian from Massimo. Some local girls knocking a few back!

The BMW Plant from high atop the Olympic Tower.

Mural at Berctesgaden Hauptbahnhof.----------Here I am in Salzburg Austria!

I had to put these pictures in. They sure know how to roast an ox---and chickens by the thousands!

The Glockenspiel at Marienplatz. ---------------------------------Lady Bavaria